Ross High Performance HDMI Cable Range

The Ross High Performance cable range provides you with the highest quality digital video and audio cables for the sharpest picture, deepest colour and highest resolution sound. With stylish design and quality construction the high performance range offers the maximum impact for a reasonable price. All high performance range cables ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

HDMI Specifications

A superb choice of cable for connecting LED, LCD, Plasma Digital HD and 3D TVs to Freeview, Sky or Virgin boxes, games consoles, Blu-ray and DVD players. Available in a variety of lengths, always select the closest length to the job required to ensure the best signal quality and a tidy installation.

HDMI Cable Construction
  • Constructed from OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) to maintain signal transfer
  • Wrapped in a dielectric insulation form for maximum signal transfer
  • Protected by high density triple-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection
  • Triple layers consist of a copper braid shielding covering the insulated braid, this offers high frequency protection and low DC resistance
  • Wrapped in foil tape shielding offering maximum coverage and added protection
  • These are then and finally wrapped in Copper braid shielding for high frequency protection and low DC resistance
  • This is all covered by a Polyurethane protective jacket and a nylon protective sleeve to provide toughness and durability, overall providing a robust design that will last.
  • Also available in a flat cable version (without braiding) which is ideal for discrete installations.

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HDMI Head Construction

Noise and interference that can degrade a HDMI signal is often introduced at the connector. Ross precision engineers HDMI termination and internal components in order to reject external noise, which can cause bit error and degrade the picture and sound. The connectors are 24K gold plated contacts for maximum signal transfer and ultra-low distortion at the point of connection. They are also silver-content soldered which connects the HDMI cable conductors to the connector's internal connection pins, lowering resistance and maximising digital signal transfer.

The Ross high performance HDMI cable range features a heavy-duty internal metal shell. As a result, the internal conductor wiring routed inside the connector is always fully shielded with metal, providing an extra defence against interference that can enter at the connector and degrade the digital signal. In addition, this makes the whole connector stronger, preventing internal breakage at any solder point between the conductors and connectors when the cable is installed or disconnected. The head construction is finished with a strain relief to aid installation and protect the cable's geometry when the cable is under tension.

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