Bespoke Sales Solutions

We pride ourselves in our ability to respond and adapt quickly to changing market conditions and bespoke customer requests. Our primary mission is to develop innovative, highly functional and safe products which are tailored to specific customer needs. As a global business we understand that tastes and requirements vary by territory and to this end are happy to help our customer base differentiate themselves if required. We are committed to working with you on initiatives including, but not limited to, the following:

Product Adaptations and Customisations

We think we make some of the best products around, but understand that although we feel our products cover comprehensive customer needs, there will be occasions that arise where a change or adaptation would help fulfil a business case. If you would like to request a product amendment or customisation please contact your sales agent for more information.

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Retail Kit Bundles

We offer wall mounts, various AV cables, screen cleaners and other related accessories from our sister brands such as surge protectors by Masterplug. We can, if required, create bundles of these products packaged in a single retail-ready box. If you have a bundling requirement please contact your sales agent for more information.

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Custom Packaging

We have a fully functional, highly skilled and quick response design team who are able to facilitate custom packaging, branding and artworks finished to very high standards and at short notice. If you feel you need bespoke packaging or branding then we are happy to facilitate this subject to an agreed minimum order quantity. If you have a custom packaging or branding request please contact your sales agent for more information.

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Flexible Merchandising Solutions

At Ross we have a highly skilled design team committed to creating a wide array of point of sale and merchandising solutions. From counter top to fixed display and everything in between, we have the right tools to fit your business and will work with you to design, develop and produce engaging, vibrant and most importantly sales-improving displays and fixtures.

FSDU Displays

Perfect for trialling new lines or running seasonal promotions, these units are well-made with reinforced shelving as standard. They feature vibrant graphics and are available in three or four shelf arrangements.

Clip Strips

A space-saving solution for display on gondola end or shelf corners.

Fixed Display Stands

Robust yet flexible, a great long-term solution for improving visiblity, showcasing the range in-store and aiding in the customer's purchasing decisions.

  • Available in 0.5m and 1m arrangements
  • Flexible product placement
  • Can be refreshed with new graphics and shelf edges or promotional headers
CDU Displays

The classic impulse purchase POS staple adapted and re-imagined to take our home accessories models.

  • Available in different colours and styles depending on what is offered within
  • Can be made as a single or double shelved unit

The above is just a taster of some of the more popular ways in which we can support your business. We endeavour to create and distribute high quality POS arrangements to our retailer network throughout the year. We are also able to offer bespoke solutions. Feel free to contact your sales agent to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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